Be the change you wanna see..

We all have those now-what moments…. Days when you have eaten your favourite meal, had your favourite snack, talk to your favorite person,  watch some series you’ve been enjoying watching lately, yet still feel like something is missing.  I cannot speak for guys but i’ve heard many women complain about this. ..the now-what situation I call it.

In my experience, I have learnt that this can easily go away with a nice gesture from people we care about or simple things we secretly care about. A hie from that friend you haven’t heard from in ages,  an i miss you from an aunt that hasn’t been in contact for a while, an i love you from a mother that left home mad at you in the morning, a “hello am here again” from the presenter of your favourite show on TV, a birthday present delivery from that friend that stays far.

My point in all this is, better days are only our attitude and kind gestures away. What am i saying? A rose plant you thought was dying and watered with some left over water in your drinking bottle would make you smile some day if it survives and flowers :). Beautiful feelings are very well wrapped up in the small good and nice things we do daily.

It’s true what they say about leaping what you sow. You will reap as much I-was-thinking-about-you messages as  you send, just like you will reap i-am-busy-catch-me-later messages as you send.

If you ask for my genuine opinion, being nice is the way to go. The greatest day maker ever is being nice because that means reaping a lot of niceness from your world of contact.

Be a sweetheart and not a pain to other people. Don’t be the reason someone goes to the drugstore for painkillers every week to cure  headaches that you birth. Be the reason they thank God for humanity for.

Choose a better life today, choose a better attitude today, choose kindness today. Beautiful days are guaranteed!